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What Makes Totes Different?

Totes is a company with a vision, clear goals, and the drive (no pun intended) to reach those goals. We believe that industries that do not recognize the need to quickly evolve in the tech world will quickly become archaic. One way to keep up, and stay ahead, is by capturing the potential of mobile devices – gadgets that provide us with limitless freedom and instant access to the largest archive of information the world has ever known – and incorporating this potential into the company’s business model. Companies that had dominated markets for decades have quickly sunk in the past few years as a direct consequence of not recognizing this, or not being able to successfully capture it.

One example is the utility service to transport people from point A to B, taxis. Until recently, the user experience consisted of calling a dispatch center, waiting on hold to speak to someone, or dealing with a pain-in-the-neck automated phone service, sitting around wondering how much longer until the ride arrives, worrying about being taken around the block a few extra times, and then scrambling to find cash when the credit-card processing machine is conveniently ‘broken’. It’s always broken. Well, a creative group of individuals realized a potential to improve this experience by taking advantage of the technology in our pockets. This vision resulted in a revolutionary change to how people commute in urban areas, ultimately providing us with more options, more convenience, better prices, and freeing us from our boxes on wheels.

What Makes Totes Different?

Totes is not just another spin-off of this model. Instead, we’ve identified several other utility services that can also be drastically improved by utilizing mobile technology. Totes aims to change the logistics of transporting goods and services. To this end, we’ve built a real-time truck fleet tracking, predicting, and management system, that works directly from your mobile device. Although Totes is launching with basic hauling and car-help services, we aim to add several fleets of specialty trucks. This will give users instant access to a platform on which they can accomplish what would otherwise require several apps. We predict that the rapid advancement of the tech industry is going to require a radical redesign of how we manage the flow of tangible goods. Totes aims to be at the forefront of this redesign.

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