Tips and Advice for Moving into a Dorm Room

Moving into a dorm room is a very exciting adventure. It means that not only were you accepted into a university (congratulations), but also that there will be new friends, new challenges, and many parties to attend! The fun part, however, has to be placed on hold between planning and actually beginning to enjoy your dorm. Moving can be a huge pain in the neck, so we have put together some “tips and advice for moving into a dorm room” to make things a little easier.

Step #1: Prepare a month ahead of time!

You’ll want contact the Housing Department of your college/university, ask them what rooms are available, all of the amenities available to you, and always inquire about the square footage and how furnished it is. This will determine what you can and should plan on bringing with you, and what you should leave behind.

Step #2 Meet your roommate!

If you have a roommate, you will want to contact him/her before moving in. Set a date and time to meet over coffee and introduce yourselves to each other, and to figure out who brings what.

Step #3 Be selective in what you bring!

Trust us when we say you don’t want to bring everything. Bring only basics, and if you know the size of your room, consider how and where everything is going to fit. The last thing you want to worry about is moving things back home.

Step #4 Pack ahead of time

The less the packing that you have to do the day of the move, the easier, faster, and less expensive everything is going to be. And when you use the Totes app, moving beocmes that much easier. Simply request service, the driver will show up, fit your stuff in the back of the truck, secure it, driver it there, and unload it at your destination. Also, you’re far less likely to misplace the little things that mean the most if you aren’t trying to do everything in the last minute.

Step #5 Check List

When moving into a dorm room a detailed checklist will save you time, money and remind for you to take care of things you might forget. Take care of a parking place for loading and unloading. Check where the truck/ trailer can be parked as near as possible to the entrance of your dorm so that unloading can be convenient.



After all, you shouldn’t need a shrink after your first move, truck it with Totes!

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