the costs of moving after the second semester of school. Save money and avoid the hidden costs of moving and hauling companies

The Costs of Moving Out of College

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The “End of Semester College Move”

Moving in was the fun part, you finally get to ditch those lousy summer jobs and no longer have to abide by parental law. Backed to what you do best, socializing on the college campus. During this time of the year, summer is drawing closer and the school year to an end, now the big question is “what do I do with all of this stuff and what is the costs of moving it?”  Somehow you have accumulated a few beer pong tables, a couple extra TV’s, and other miscellaneous debris you just can’t bear to part with. You can do what most people do and contribute to the 9.8 Million tons of wasted furniture every year, or you can consider the costs of hiring a mover. They both have their advantages, and they are both expensive. On average, the costs of moving (for one room) is about $150 – $220 according to  Not to mention all the unexpected costs of moving they always neglect to mention like distance, the amount of employees they staff on your job and the time they spend completing the job.

This is where Totes-Mobile comes in….

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You won’t always have an entire house to move, especially students. So why should they have to pay a fortune just to move a little room – or to get that beautiful leather couch they found for free on craigslist over to their place? At the click of a button, you will instantly connect to pickup truck drivers in your area which saves you a ton of time and money.

Couldn’t I just rent a Uhaul? You could, although a Uhaul would still be double the price or more depending on what you do with the vehicle.

Ok, so maybe you are old fashion and you still think the cost of hiring a movers outweighs the countless benefits of downloading our mobile application: Totes Mobile. Well, moving and Hauling services are not always as transparent as you might think.

The Hidden Costs of Moving

The first thought that goes through any student’s mind is to go with the cheapest moving and hauling service. But are the cheapest movers really the cheapest movers? You need to keep in mind that not every company is as ethical as the next. What students often hear is a low price, and they come to find out it’s actually hourly and are charged extra when multiple movers are assigned to the job. Throw in an issue or two that drags the job on an extra couple hours, and you’re a hundred dollars or so over your original budget. Lets just say you won’t be paying face value. It is important before you make your decision that you look into the moving company with the best reviews.

What about the risks and liabilities of renting a Uhaul? This is the most important point we are trying to get out there. It is just ridiculous to take the time to go and rent a truck, pay double the price, and take all of the responsibility for the vehicle and for your own goods. Why not just pull out your smart phone, click on the Totes Mobile App, and wait 10 minutes for a pickup truck to arrive? Our Drivers have all the proper equipment to facilitate your move and ensure the safety or your merchandise. Best of all, all of your belongings are fully insured, in case any accidents happen. You couldn’t have done a better job yourself – literally.

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