These prices are subject to change depending on locale, time of day, driver availability, and other factors. The information below describes the base fees for using the Truckly App.


Cost Per Mile: $1.00
Cost Per Minute: $1.00 / Person
Base Fee: $3.00
Minimum Fare: $29.00


Dolly/Hand truck: Free
Tarp/Cover: Free

Car Help

Gasoline Refill*: $45.00
Battery Jump: $45.00

* The gasoline refill cost includes 1 gallon of premium lead gasoline. Vehicles must be off the street, and parked in a designated spot.

Car Wash

Speedy: $29 Reg. Price
Exterior wash Tires and Rims
$19.00 Limited Time Offer
Full: $39 Reg. Price
Speedy plus interior vacuum and wipe down
$29.00 Limited Time Offer
Sparkle: $69 Reg. Price
Full plus, Interior deep cleaning, Light stains & Oxidation removal
$59.00 Limited Time Offer

* Our drivers use an Eco-friendly Waterless Spray to wash and shine your vehicle..