Own a truck and want to make extra money? Here’s how

Do you own a truck and want to make extra money?

So, you own a nice pickup truck, or maybe you would like to, but the payment is a few hundred dollars more than you can – or want to – dish out. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could own the truck you wanted, and you could somehow have it earn enough money to pay for itself? Well, if you can find a few hours a week of spare time, and don’t mind helping someone who needs a truck, then you can make that extra cash with Totes.

How would my truck make me money?

If you were a Totes Trusted Driver, you would log in to the app whenever you want, and hang out until someone near by needs help. When a request is made, you receive a notification, which could be anything from a fridge-haul 2 miles away, to a battery jump around the corner – and you’d be given an estimate of how much this call will pay you. If the job sounds like something you could help, and it seems to be worth your time, you can accept it and head to the location where service is needed. The Totes app tracks the time you spend and the distances you travel in order to calculate your fare. Once the transaction is completed, you receive a summary and payment invoice. With a few calls per week, you could easily earn that payment, and you would actually be putting your truck to its intended use.


Here are a few reasons why being a Totes Trusted Driver is pretty awesome, aside from making extra cash:

  • Work on your own schedule – sometimes you can work in the evening on weekdays, and sometimes you’re only available on Saturday mornings.
  • You don’t have a boss – not that having a boss is a bad thing, but when it comes to driving your own truck, it’s nice when you don’t have to answer to anyone.
  • Choose your jobs – if you would rather pass on a request to haul a 400-pound piano for 40 miles, all you have to do is nothing. That’s entirely up to you.
  • Don’t haggle over the cost – the Totes app keeps track of your mileage, time, and effort in order to ensure that you are reliably paid what you’re expecting.

How do I get started?

Want to become a Totes Trusted Driver?

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Hopefully you find this information useful, and if it persuades you to become a Totes Trusted Driver, then perhaps you can finally own that truck that you’ve had your eye on.

Own a truck and want to make extra money? Here's how

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