Moving and Hauling

Moving and hauling using Truckly is an economical alternative to expensive hauling and delivery solutions. Truckly connects you to local drivers with Trucks who are ready to help you Haul, Move, and Deliver your items.

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Ways you can use Truckly

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Small Moves

Truckly is the best option for moving your single item or multiple items Locally.

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Apartment & Home Moves

For when you’re moving and you’re the DIY kind of person, with us you can request 1 or multiple trucks and helpres.

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Local Listings Delivery

Found a great deal on Craigslist or Offerup? Awesome, schedule a truck to meet you at the seller’s.

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Local Store Delivery

Don’t wait for the store’s delivery service. We are Faster, Cheaper and ready when you are.

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Storage Hauls

Stress no more, taking things to or out of Storage has never been easier or cheaper.

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Donations Delivery

Giving back to your local community has never been easier, let us deliver your Donations.

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Whether you’re moving to a new office, or need a delivery solution for your Business. Truckly has the answer!

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Need a pallet of tiles, dry wall, carpet, or tools delivered to a site? Schedule a pick-up and we’ll take care of it.

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Landscaping Projects

Planning to work on your yard? Get a Truck to pick up the stones, grass, flowers, plants, soil, etc…

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Using Truckly

Simply download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and connect with our friendly Truckly Drivers. They are standing by to accept your request, and assist you with the actual moving of the item or items. New and used furniture, antiques, appliances, outdoor goods, industrial equipment, machine parts, yard waste, you name it- Truckly hauls it all.

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