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Crowdfunding is a great way to finance your start-up and assist in the launch of a new company,  product, or cause. In the crowdfunding community there are several platforms to assist in this methodKickstarter backer article of raising money online, the one w
e chose for Totes., is Kickstarter.The message that we are conveying through this article is to help you become an effective backer and a chance to be part of something amazing – in an extraordinary way. Whether you choose to back the launch of our mobile application, Totes-Mobile (or Totally Mobile), another campaign, or become one of the many serial Kickstarter – is totally up to you!

What are Kickstarter “Backers?”

A Kickstarter backer, in this case (crowdfunding) is any individual who contributes any monetary value towards any existing campaign. Kickstarter Bbckers are the life-line of sites like Kickstarter.com; without them the system simply would not exist. These contributing members can be anyone from friends or family to a completely random individual. Using Kickstarter as an example, kickstarter backers are given different options for the dollar amount they can contribute, which range from 1 – $10,000. Each option is assigned a prize or reward for the donation which also ranges based on the amount donated. Typical rewards range from a thank-you or high-five all the way to a luxurious trip to another city where you might meet and greet the founders of the project you’re backing. A lot of the times, as a backer you are essentially purchasing a prototype and providing, not only monetary funds, but also contributing to the products social proof, a metric used as leverage when seeking out big investors.

Where to Start

Any experienced kickstarter backer will do their homework and due diligence to ensure they are supporting something that will actually hold value to them in the feature (tangible or intangible). A good way to seek out potential opportunities to back before they go live, is on Prefundia.com. On Prefundia, campaigners have a page they can share to gain as much social attraction online as they can before they go live. They do this to increase the odds of a successfully funded campaign. By following along, you are given insight and updates in the campaign’s progress. Any progress made can be viewed here and as a kickstarter backer, it brings peace of mind to know that what you might fund is a functioning work in progress. This is an example of a live Prefundia Page. It features explainers, hosts pictures, and provides descriptions of the upcoming campaign. Most importantlyit allows for Kickstarter backers to enter their email address so they can be notified of the Kickstarter Campaign’s Launch, as well as other information to keep them informed.

Which Kickstarter Campaign is Worth Backing the Most?

Now that you know anyone can back any campaign and that anyone can become a Kickstarter backer for as little as 1$, you can decide which campaign(s) you want to back. There are a few points to consider when looking to fund a kickstarter campaign.

  1. What is important to me?
  2. Am I contributing simply for the reward or to be part of something I believe in?
  3. How far along is this campaign in the development process (is there a prototype, a business model, or is this all still an idea?)
  4. Would I rather benefit through materialistic gain or do I want to empower another to fulfill their vision?

Deciding What is Important to You as a Kickstarter Backer

There are a number of different mindsets and expectations Kickstarter backers have before going into or seeking to back a Kickstarter campaign. Everyone may also have different intentions. For some, Kickstarter backing is a way for people to shop around for innovative gadgets and products before it hits the market all at a fraction of the would be price. Other backers sort of stumble onto a project partially because they are interested in the vision of the campaign – eventually backing based on the reward they are said to receive. Then there are your serial backers, these are the backers that are truly supporting the vision and have a real desire to follow the success of a campaign – perhaps beyond.

These are the kickstarter backers that we want backing Totes-Mobile. Our application is designed to unite pickup truck owners with individuals in need of a pickup truck. Whether it is for moving, hauling, roadside assistance, or any other project in need of a truck, it can be fulfilled at the press of a button. Think of it like Uber or Lyft. Instead of transporting people, we transport everything else! Our vision to define a market, to pick up what companies like Uber and Lyft mistakenly left out, and to have a chance to define and redefine entire business models.

The most effective backers to any Kickstarter or crowdfunding community are those who believe in the vision and the possible outcome that the execution of this idea might bring. In all reality, this should not be looked at like an investment because it isn’t. You are donating to the facilitate the transition of one’s dreams into reality.

Your Responsibility As a Kickstarter Backer

Kickstarter backers are elements of the crowdfunding ecosystem that keep the heart of the entire operation beating. It is important that you know how to play an effective role as backer to any campaign. This requires research, not “stay up for days” research – just some research to learn a few characteristics of the types of campaigns you don’t want to back.  Start with a basic Google search of the company and the individual that runs it. Make sure they have a legitimate looking website, a business plan, an explainer video, a social following, and other factors that display dedication. When the individual seeking backers has sold their car, quit their jobs, and devoted everything to see their vision out to completion – success or fail – your contribution as a backer will be rewarding.

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