How Many Kickstarter Projects Are Successfully Funded?

Kickstarter And The Backers Who Pledge To Make It Happen.

Kickstarter backers serve as the backbone to any successful – and unsuccessful Kickstarter project. Overtime Kickstarter has been a vehicle for crowdfunding projects in practically every country in the entire world, with backers pledging over a billion dollars. The tribe of overall Kickstarter backers has grown to over 7,000,000 which includes first time backer, repeat backers, and occasionally serial backer who back 10 or more campaigns. Unfortunately the majority of backers will only back one project, never to return but a massive one third will place pledges towards more than one project.  At Totes, we strongly believe that if we work hard enough to spread the word about the launch of our new location-based pick-up truck hailing application, not only can we tap into the 7,000,000 Kickstarter backer population but we can also join the ranks of project creators who have successfully funded their projects.

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How Many Projects Were Successfully Funded?

In the year 2014 Kickstarter launched 36,478 projects. When you consider the fact that crowdfunding is, in many ways, asking random people for money to see that your vision (whatever it may be) is carried out, one might think successfully funded projects are rare. That is because not all of them are successful.

When a project creator is able to put together a rewarding line of compensations for backers who pledge, this definitely helps convert a potential backer into a first-time backer and one time backers into multiple-time backers. With 22,252 successfully funded Kickstarter projects, one might assume every one of these project creators spent a ton of time and money on the strategical incentivising on each tiered pledge. Believe it or not, this simply is not the case because a considerable amount of the successfully funded Kickstarter projects offer very little in return. This tells us one of two things, project creator’s either have an extremely supportive family or Kickstarter backers who actually pledge because they want to be part of a vision or idea.

If you think anything like the way we do at Totes, then you could also join the ranks of the 773,824 kickstarter backers who pledges towards more than one project in 2014. Totes obviously cannot speak for all 3.3 million total kickstarter backers in 2014 but we like to believe that the majority pledge because they have a real compassion and truly desire to see an idea come to life. Facts From

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