The Best Water Saving Tip You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

It’s no news that over the last several years California experienced one of the worst droughts in the state’s history. California natives watched winter after winter slide by with nearly no precipitation and looked on with growing anxiety as water in rivers, lakes and farmlands dried up at an alarming rate.

Fortunately 2016’s El Nino weather pattern has provided a much-needed sigh of relief for Californians statewide with a series of storms that have quenched the dry landscape and made a significant impact on the previously dwindled water levels – most noticeably in the last part of March.

In fact, the latest bout of rainfall brought the state’s biggest and most important reservoir, Lake Shasta, up to 87% of its capacity with a total of 3.9 million acre feet of water, according to a recent report from the Los Angeles Times.

To go from record-low levels to exceeding its historical average for this time of the year (by 110%), is very good news for Lake Shasta and the state of California overall.

But as much of a relief as this year’s El Nino has brought, we’re not out of the woods yet. Not even close.

The damage done from the past few years, coupled with the uncertainty of additional rain and snowfall, still plays a cautionary tale. We need to keep up the water conserving mindset we’ve developed over the last few years. We still need to be careful about how much we’re using. We still have to keep the bigger picture of climate change and global warming in mind. All of those are still very real concerns.

Sure we can celebrate the glimmer of hope this year’s rain and snowfall has brought, but practicing those water-wise choices and doing our part should be a priority for the long haul. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a couple of great ways to save water to help keep California (and our planet) happy. And because we’re a company that focuses on vehicles and lending a helping hand, these water saving tips will help keep you and your car happy too. We’re all about those win-win situations.

Water Saving Tips

Everyone likes a splurge every once in a while, especially when it comes to our vehicles. Our cars are our babies and we want to keep them looking their best – whether it’s for ourselves or that date we want to impress.

But consider the following: There are 28 million cars registered in the state of California. One traditional car wash can waste up to 50 gallons of water (more if you wash at home). Do the math and you’ll find that if every Californian gets a car wash only once, it adds up to a whopping 1,400,000,000 gallons in wasted water. One billion and four hundred million gallons…and that’s a conservative measure!

We’re not suggesting you forego a clean car in favor of saving water. We are however suggesting you consider alternative methods.

Waterless car wash solutions offer the same shiny results of the traditional methods, but with none of the water waste. One of our favorites is the Chemical Guys EcoSmart detailing system that lets anyone quickly clean, shine and protect their vehicle using a natural carnauba based formula that safely and effectively lifts away dirt and grime, leaving a spotless finish.

What’s more is our newest Totes Mobile Waterless Car Wash feature that allows you to request a waterless wash on demand with nothing more than a couple of taps on your phone. You can literally have someone else do it for you. With all of this, there’s really no excuse to go the alternative route.

Like we said: we’re all about those win-wins!

Other great, simple water saving tips include the following:

• Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth
• Only run full loads when doing laundry or using the dishwasher
• Limit the amount of time you spend in the shower
• Perhaps most importantly, raise socially aware children by teaching them the importance of water conservation and eco-protection.

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