About Truckly

Truckly is a mobile application that links you to truck drivers in your geographic region, upon request, using real-time GPS information. These trucks come to you upon request and can be used to help you move or haul almost anything, messenger items for you, or bring car help on-the-spot. New and used furniture, antiques, appliances, outdoor goods, industrial equipment, machine parts, and yard waste are a few examples of the items that Truckly can provide a fast and easy transportation solution for.

The innovative approach of combining the capabilities of mobile technology with a well established service industry has created groundbreaking changes to how people commute in urban areas. At Truckly, we aim to similarly revolutionize how people transport goods. Traditionally, you would either need to know someone with a truck, or you would have to rent one. The former is not always an option, and the latter is a complete hassle. Truckly solves that by requiring no more from you than a few taps on your screen and entering some information about what you need moved where. Best of all, you only pay for the 1-way trip to your destination, making this a more affordable approach than renting a truck yourself. Truckly is your new alternative to moving truck companies.

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