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Local Trucks On Demand

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Local Trucks On Demand

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Moving and Hauling

Moving and hauling using Truckly is an economical alternative to expensive hauling and delivery solutions. Truckly connects you to local drivers with Trucks who are ready to help you Haul, Move, and Deliver your items.

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Ways you can use Truckly

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Small Moves

Truckly is the best option for moving your single item or multiple items Locally.

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Apartment & Home Moves

For when you’re moving and you’re the DIY kind of person, with us you can request 1 or multiple trucks and helpres.

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Local Listings Delivery

Found a great deal on Craigslist or Offerup? Awesome, schedule a truck to meet you at the seller’s.

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Local Store Delivery

Don’t wait for the store’s delivery service. We are Faster, Cheaper and ready when you are.

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Storage Hauls

Stress no more, taking things to or out of Storage has never been easier or cheaper.

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Donations Delivery

Giving back to your local community has never been easier, let us deliver your Donations.

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Whether you’re moving to a new office, or need a delivery solution for your Business. Truckly has the answer!

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Need a pallet of tiles, dry wall, carpet, or tools delivered to a site? Schedule a pick-up and we’ll take care of it.

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Landscaping Projects

Planning to work on your yard? Get a Truck to pick up the stones, grass, flowers, plants, soil, etc…

Waterless Mobile Car Wash

Truckly’s friendly, courteous and local car wash specialists come to your home or workplace to give your car the shine and detailing services it needs. No more waiting an hour to get an expensive car wash or compromising on a second rate service from an automated machine. Submit your request, and you’ll be on your way to a sparkling, clean vehicle in no time. Download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and have the car wash come to you!

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Speedy: $19

Exterior wash only $29.00 Regular Price
Exterior Wash and shine Waterless Wash
Tires Dressing Included
Rims Cleaning Included
Windows Cleaning Outside only

Full: $29

Exterior & Interior: $39.00 Regular Price
Exterior Wash & Shine Waterless Wash
Interior Wipe and Vacuum Included
Tires Dressing Included
Rims Cleaning Included
Windows Cleaning Inside & Out

Sparkle: $59

Exterior & Interior: $69.00 Regular Price
Exterior Wash & Shine Waterless Wash
Interior Wipe and Vacuum Deep Cleaning
Tires and Rims Dressing & Cleaning
Windows Cleaning Inside & Out
Leather Cleaning Conditioning & UV protection
Light Stain Removal Fabric & Upholstery
Oxidation Removal Headlights

6 Reasons Why You Should Partner with Truckly

1- More Ways to Make Real Money

Truckly is a multi-service platform that offers you more than one way to make real money.

2- Freedom and Flexibility Making Money

You’re free to decide what jobs to do and what times to work. You’re the Boss!

3- Earn Up to $65/hr

The average request guarantees you making $65 per hour. No-haggling!

4- Get paid Weekly

You don’t have to wait long to get paid. Truckly pays weekly, and soon Instantly!

5- Easy to Use App

Simply log-in, set your services, wait to get notified or check for open requests.

6- Make Money Referring Users

Share your Promo Code with others and get paid whenever someone uses it

How it works

When you’re ready to join us, sign up through our simple and easy on-boarding process. The sooner we receive your complete application the sooner you will start accepting jobs. During the application process you will receive email updates of your progress and the status of your application. Once you’ve been approved and you’re ready to start accepting jobs, simply launch the app to receive notifications and to view available requests. We’ll show you the details of each request, time, and locations. If you’re interested, accept the job and head to the location where service is needed. The app will tracks the type of service, the time you spend and the distances you travel in order to calculate your fare.

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Moving and Hauling

People need things hauled or moved.
Small Hauls and Deliveries – Full Apartment Moves
Store Deliveries – Donations and Junk Removal – etc…
Sign up to start making some real income with your
Truck, invest in some straps and a dolly, and you can
start accepting requests and start making money.

Mobile Carwash

Whether you’re looking to expand OR start your mobile car wash business, you should join us!
For current mobile detailers, we offer the opportunity to get more business and focus making more money.
For individuals looking to start their own mobile car wahs business, we help get you started and setup.

Car Help

Most drivers don’t have access to Roadside
Assistance. People forget to get gas, all the time.
Car batteries go bad, and lights get left on.
Help Jump Start your local community, and deliver a
Gallon of Gas to someone stranded. Make someone’s
day and get paid for it!

Own a truck, van, or SUV?

Over 21?

Valid Insurance?

Clean driving record?*

Clean criminal record?*

Friendly and Respectful?

The application process to become a Truckly Driver is simple. Just fill out the short form on the left!
*Truckly will verify your record

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